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We affectionately referred to our dogs as the Quads, so when you see Quad, think dog!

We are an online store, aiming to continue to offer you products that you can trust to care for your pets. Our focus is animal welfare. If you are considering our products, your animal friend is as important to you as ours are to us. 

Dogplex™ was created when our 18 year old dog (quad) Ben was passenger in a minor car accident caused by a third party. Police and insurance companies were simply not interested. The Dogplex™ allowed us to be confident our dogs were super safe from that day on. We hope to offer you and your pet the same peace of mind. Plans are in place to extend the range of patented products. 

Our current causes to support are animal welfare/rescue and Lyme Disease Research. If you are part of a small independent animal welfare/rescue organisation in our area please contact us, we may be able to assist. Some people who assist us are disabled or suffer chronic illness, so please be understanding should any delays occur resultant of illness/treatments as it will be out of our control. Benoxer is not (yet) a charity organisation, but one of our main aims is to support causes to ensure we can do our part in keeping animals safe & help Lyme patients receive help as far as we are able.

If you would like to donate to support animal welfare &/Or Lyme Disease, please see our shop page where you may do so. All donations will be gratefully received. ​

If your pet is your best friend, choose Benoxer Products equipment for a kinder and more professional means to transport and exercise your animal friend.

We hope you enjoy this site and all comments and opinions are always welcome. We want to do our best for your animals. ©.