Product Information 

During Benoxers Introductory Offer, and until Further Notice, Products will be available For UK Purchase Only.

We affectionately refer to our dogs as the quads (quadrupeds) and you may notice we have used this     term throughout, as our harnesses are suitable for quadrupeds be they large or small; sizes to fit horse     to cat. We have learned that these harnesses are helpful to amputee animals or those with some disability.     If we can help an animal with our products, then we will endeavour to do so. 

Dogplex™ is the next generation of travel and exercise quadruped equipment to aid safer travel. A multi- attachment high Quality, durable but lightweight reflective edged harness affords optimum support that considers welfare, comfort and safety for both animals and human passengers within a vehicle.

The fully adjustable patented Dogplex™ harness has been trialled and field tested for use with quads      and    uses strength tested components, padded panels and webbing for extra comfort. Multi adjustment points and reflective materials enforce the unique construction with the purpose to increase safety, maximum comfort and support when your animal needs it most.

The superior design of the Dogplex™ multi attachment points have proven to assist balance when a  vehicle is in motion. A correctly fitted Dogplex™ harness encourages your quad to sit or lay down and remain in a secure, supported and comfortable position on the seat during braking, cornering and      general driving. To assist in minimising potential damage such as skeletal, organ and soft tissue injuries resultant of impact, slingshot, motion or compression action and contact with parts of the vehicle or other passengers. Injuries often seen if animals are not securely restrained in many single point attachment harnesses, carry baskets or cages which merely restrict the distance your quad can move, and cannot   offer complete  protection for the quad to be flung in the car on into passengers.


Unlike standard harnesses, the Dogplex™ offers full adjustment and a bespoke fit for pets of differing shapes and heights within each size category. The belt and arms adjust to your dogs individual height for sitting and laying down so the quad is encouraged to stay on the seat and not be flung as with single     point attachment products. Although some people like to use the car seat fixing points used for child     seats if suitable. You choose whether your quad gets the whole or part of the back seat or sits in the front   next to you. The design and protection of the product allows this to assist.

The Dogplex™ is suitable for exercise and travel by sea, air and road (especially useful for campervans  and caravans). Whilst meeting pet travel requirements including Highway Code regulations, police and  insurance stipulations. Good news for pet owners to avoid on the spot fines of £100 and 3 points which   can raise to £5000 and 9 points within the Court system.

All whilst lessening potential animal suffering from accident related injuries and in turn veterinary visits. Dogplex™ has assisted many quads with travel sickness, grooming and has proved an excellent support for ageing and infirm animals during exercise and recuperation after surgery or some exercise injuries    too. 

If your pet is your best friend, choose The Dogplex harness.

Please note: As this harness offers more restraint than other harnesses, you may need to take more time to allow your quad to adjust to the feeling of additional security of a multi-point attachment harness. Very quickly many quads have come to rely on the harness for support and as an aid to balance during travel once accustomed to the function of this harness. To allow the harness full function, do not allow your quad to turn in circles whilst using this harness in a vehicle. Always check fitting and adjustment when using this harness to ensure a correct fit for the Quads comfort.  Regularly replace the harness especially if involved in an accident, after heavy and longer term use and regular and wear and tear. You know your dog, so you will be able to decide if Benoxer can provide wheayou need for your dogs travel and exercise requirements, we love animals and we want you to ensure you select a product you are happy with as we help amimal welfare thought internet purchases.