Equiplex -Product Information  (Coming Soon).

The fully adjustable Patented Equiplex™ harness is the leading competitor offering (larger quadrupeds including but not limited to) horses and ponies support during transport. Equiplex aims to assist the prevention of stumbling, collision and resultant injury with the inside of a box/trailer. In particular to the face, teeth and chest with the purpose to promote calmer travel to encourage a feeling of safety and calmness leading to increased performance and a happier horse or pony. A restraint can lessen the opportunity of the animal being able to escape in an emergency situation or vehicle breakdown

Often horses and ponies travel without seeing and rely on instinct and reaction to prevent stumbling or falling. This is currently the only means of equine/larger quadruped travel and is not the safest one as it is equivalent to a person travelling blind without restraint or handrails for support.

The Equiplex™ harness allows a natural range of movement whilst providing for recovery from stumbling or loss of balance. The Equiplex™ aims to compensate for this by giving support to prevent an animal sustaining further injury from panicking or collision with the internal structure of a vehicle. When activated the back pulling action of the Equiplex™ is gradual, providing a smooth support mechanism in accordance with the movement of the animal without a severe jerking action. The forward moving action and multi point securing aims to give equine support during general driving. It also assists as a mechanism to prevent the animal escaping from its means of transport.

Travel is known to be stressful for many animals. Increased hormone levels, heart rates, digestive disturbances and stress levels may be lessened using the Equiplex™ therefore promoting safety for and health of the animal. Intending to promote comfort, support and reassurance during travel and potentially increased health and performance as a result. This could be the important difference between first and second place to some owners and we hope happier animals.

The animals' recovery to balanced standing may be quicker therefore limiting the amount of movement particularly in horse trailer. An equine naturally relies on its head for balance and tied by the head during transport is not the best means to allow the horse to balance or feel safe. The Equiplex intends to allow the animal to still rely on its head for balance as a natural behavioural tool that is instinctive to the quadruped during travel.  Especially as when in transit balance and recovery is crucial to allow an equine to remain calm and feel secure whilst standing comfortably. This is a support harness although safety may be increased during use. The Equiplex™ may also help the loading of horses by assisting confidence in nervous animals during transport by offering many equines a feeling of support during travel. ©