Fitting & Size Guide: See video on Shop Page

Harness Fitting Instructions


1) Slip harness over head

2) Secure harness using the side clips and adjust body

straps so the quad is comfortable and cannot slip or wriggle

out of the harness. Never have the neck strap fitted tightly

on harnesses.

3) Attach lead to exercise point located at the centre of the

panel on the quads back. You’re now ready for walkies!

Travel Fitting Instructions:- 

4) Secure the circular belt around the bench or single seat.

Attach arms to fixing points.

5) Request the quad to lay down.

Attach the arms to the fixing points on the body straps

of the harness. 

6) Adjust the height of the belt and length of the arms so the quad can lay comfortably. The circular belt must be very tightly secured around the seat to remain fixed in position to allow your dog to remain restrained but secure with a bespoke fit for shape and height of your quad.

7) Some owners chose to attach the arms of the harness to the standard car sear fixing             points where a child seat would attach on the rear car seat for smaller quads - we have         shown this in some photographs as part of our protected design. 

Size guide for DOGPLEX and Basics Range- See both below:-

Circular Belt:     DOGPLEX - Suitable for Car Single or Bench Seat 

BASICS -  Suitable for single or Split Bench Seat. Not Full Bench Seat


Size & Measurements of the two different harnesses categories below; Dogplex in blue & Basics in black:

X-Small    DOGPLEX - Chest 38-46cm/ 15-18"  -  

XS   BASICS - Chest  14-18 inches     

Breed Example: Yorkie

Small         DOGPLEX - Chest 46-56cm/18-22"    

Small BASICS - Chest 18- 24 inches   

Breed Example:  Westie

Medium     DOGPLEX - Chest 56-68cm/22-26ry" 

Breed Example: Springer Spaniel/ Collie

Large         DOGPLEX - Chest 68-82cm/26-32"      

Large  BASICS - Chest - 26-33" -

Breed Example: Boxer/ Small Lab

X-Large     DOGPLEX - Chest 82- 102cm/32-40"    

X-Large BASICS -Chest  33-38

Breed Example: German Shepherd

Size Guide – Harnesses are individually made so may show a slight variation in size.  Breed guide is simply example to indicate harness sizes) .